We carry cargoes worldwide:
20 years of faultless performance,
over 300 shipments every week!

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We unite countries:
79% transportations from EU to CIS,
21% - from CIS to EU.

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Over 6900 cargo transportations
from Europe to Russia annually!

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Over 2400 annual transportations
from Europe to Belarus!

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Over 800 annual transportations
from Europe to Kazakhstan!

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Welcome to Transconsult Group website.

Our company is represented in four countries: the Netherlands, Poland, Belarus, Russia - and specializes in the delivery of goods from Europe to Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

For almost 20 years Transconsult has been providing comprehensive logistic services and intermodal transport by road, air, sea, and rail.

The gained experience helps us serve our clients to the utmost in freight transportations of all kinds, incl. part truck load, full truck load, high-value cargoes, dangerous goods, oversized and heavy cargoes, project transportation.